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About the company

HiConversion is a technological and marketing partner
of Russian social networks, and also an agency
that specialises in targeted advertising.

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The company’s philosophy

We adhere to five key values
In life and work

You are the author of whatever happens

We take responsibility for our own reality. If something is not to our liking, we try to change it, rather than blaming the circumstances. We are the only ones who can take care of ourselves, and should depend only on our own strength.

Strength lies in truth: whoever possesses the truth grows even stronger

We aim to be honest in word and action. This applies to any promises made to our clients, to each other or to ourselves. Sometimes this forces us to lose out when it comes to short-term gains, but we always win through in the long term.

You are defined by what you do for others

Our value in this world is measured only by the benefit that we bring to others. The value of our product and our value as specialists are measured only according to how effectively our product and service functions.

The best way to take care of the future is to surrender everything to the present

If you see work that you can do right now, then it is worth doing right now. In this way, you are taking care of your future. You will end up not having to do the task tomorrow, and you will be able to benefit from its results.

We conquer through love

If our interests come into conflict with those of others, we seek an amiable resolution that expresses itself through cooperation and not competition. We always strive to consider the interests of the other party and, in any mutual activity, find a solution that will benefit both.

HiConversion’s co-founders

Anton Smirnov Co-founder of HiConversion
Anatoly Komkov Co-founder of HiConversion

The team

More than fifty specialists

15 An accounting department
16 A commercial department
7 Development
2 Support
3 Marketing
6 An administrative department

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