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Increase your financial returns from advertisements on Russian social networks and reduce the amount of manual labour involved

Receive access to HiConversion and, using our bulk creation tool, you will be able to set up a thousand advertisements in five minutes. Our comprehensive analysis and internal tactics will increase the efficacy of your advertising by two to five times!

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How can the HiConversion service help you to increase your financial returns from advertising on social networks?

HiConversion helps you to configure, optimise and automate your advertising campaigns in a step-by-step process, from bulk creation to automated fee management

Service benefits

Bulk creation of advertising campaigns

Reduce the amount of manual labour involved and create a thousand advertisements in five minutes.

Bulk editing of advertisements, fees and limits

Make changes to your advertising campaigns in just a couple of clicks.

Integrated statistics: analytics and advertising accounts

There’s no need for Excel, as all the data is provided in one window (CPA, CTR, ROI, CPC).

Comprehensive analytics regarding advertisements and timeframe

Comprehensive analytics regarding advertisements and timeframe

Pre-prepared and user-specific tactics for managing advertising

Find out exactly what methods of targeting, as well as what kinds of image and text, attract customers.

Full functionality

Bulk creation and editing
  • An advertisement design tool
  • Bulk editing of advertisements/campaigns
  • Bulk copying of advertisements/campaigns
  • Bulk editing of fees and limits
  • The ability to copy campaigns from social networks
An integrated statistics interface
  • Integrated web-analytics and trackers
  • Data compiled from advertising accounts
  • The possibility of server-to-server integration
  • HiConversion’s own data collectors increase the accuracy of gathered data
  • Work on several targets simultaneously
Pre-prepared and user-specific tactics
  • Automated fee management
  • Manage your schedule for ad impressions on VK
  • Manage your advertisements according to CPA/CPO
  • The ability to create your own tactics for managing advertisements
  • Any ineffective advertising campaigns are stopped by our tactics
Comprehensive advertising analytics
  • Image and text analysis
  • A search function for conversion times and days
  • Detailed statistics regarding the social demographic of your audience
  • Analytics regarding all implemented methods of targeting
  • Analytics showing the efficacy of advertisements, based on CPA, CTR, CR and ROI
Configuration of advert retargeting
  • An integrated interface showing retargeting for VK and MyTarget
  • Flexible configuration of advert retargeting on VK
  • Retargeting groups are conveniently merged
  • The ability to transition from retargeting groups to advertisements
Support and payment options
  • A dedicated manager who will provide support for your advertising
  • Average response time of our technical support: 27 minutes
  • We work with both legal entities and individuals
  • A wide choice of payment methods


Client rates

For all companies
and individuals.

Having added to your balance, you will receive all of the funds for your advertising budget. We earn commission from social networks and so the service is provided to you absolutely free of charge.

Minimum deposit

from 400$ (350€)

Period of validity


Сonnection of own account

no free of charge

Agency rates

For companies receiving reciprocal commission
from social networks

The specified rate allows you to connect the service to your own advertising account. For advertising budgets on VK in excess of 300,000 rubles, an additional 2-3.3% commission fee is charged.

Minimum deposit

determined by the social network

Period of validity

one month

Сonnection of own account

yes 400$ (350€)

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Increase your financial returns from targeted advertisements by two to five times and automate manual labour tasks

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