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Do you want to know how many customers Russian social networks could bring within your desired price range each month?

HiConversion will configure your business’ advertising. You will be able to find out how much it costs to attract customers from VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social media platforms while receiving more than 77% profit!

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How does our configuration make your advertisement two to five times more effective?

Over the last four years, we have conducted more than 4,000 advertising campaigns for 716 clients and have developed a methodology, which, using HiConversion’s automation platform, increases the return on each invested ruble by two to five times!

“80% of people who use social networks spend their budgets ineffectively because they do not conduct a sufficient number of tests regarding their target demographic and advertisements. HiConversion’s systematic approach and automation platform allow hundreds of times more tests to be performed and two to five times more customers to be engaged for the very same cost.”


Anton Smirnov

Co-founder of HiConversion

Anatoly Komkov

Co-founder of HiConversion

How do we do this?

Strategy development

We research your product, its target demographic, competitors, basic motives and customer demands, and develop a strategy (combining the target demographic and advertisements). HiConversion’s expertise allows us to accurately project which strategies are most likely to work for your business, based on our previous experience.

The service’s configuration of advertising campaigns

HiConversion’s automation service gives us the opportunity to create and customise hundreds of advertising campaigns within a minimal timeframe, in order to increase the chances of finding the ones that will bring the highest return for the smallest expenditure.

Testing and optimisation

We automate the management of rates and advertisements based on CTR, CR, CPA and ROI, such that the system promptly excludes any ineffective advertising campaigns. In the optimisation phase, the hypotheses with the best and average results remain, so as to identify customers for the minimum possible cost.

Results and projections

On the basis of the test results, our experts will identify the degree to which the quantity of customers might grow, as well as the minimum budget required to engage them during the following month. This allows us to accurately project the financial return from promotion on social networks.

Find out what results your company will get!

The results of the configuration will be more than 77% profit!

Up to 35% more customers

During the testing phase, you will already be acquiring more customers and orders. If necessary, we bring in end-to-end analytics.

A reduction of up to 42% in advertising costs

You will waste less time, money and energy on testing advertisements in order to achieve optimal results

Predictability and transparency

You only pay for that which yields results and can plan your sales and budget, based on the test data.

An increased number of leads
A reduction in customer engagement costs.
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Using the methodology
Using the technology
Using the expertise

Setup cost

Strategy and configuration

Strategy, configuration, testing and optimisation of advertising campaigns


Initial budget for advertising campaigns


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Do you want to know how many customers Russian social networks could bring within your desired price range each month?

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